Wardha Meher Baba Center

Wardha Meher Baba Center

On 04/08/1967 Mr.C.D Deshmukh started a Meher Baba Center in Mr.Prabhakar Palsapure’s Home after that Mr.Panjabrao Gujar donated a land for Yugavatar Meher Baba Adhyatmic Kendra and then Meher Baba Adhyatmic Kendra (center) was constructed.
Baba did his work on hands of Late Mr.Prabhakar Palsapure, Late Mr.J C Kadu, Late Mr.Panjabrao Gujar, Mr.Shankar rao Nimje and all baba lovers of wardha.

In 1944 Meher Baba Sent Mr. Baidul to wardha with one wooden stick for one Must(God in toxic) that is Mohamad Ali and Mr.Baidul show this stick to Mohmad Ali and that must said Meher Baba is great so keep this stick carefully don’t beat to anyone by that stick.

Following Baba’s Mandali and other Baba Lovers Visited this Center

Mr Alobaji,Mr Bhau Kalchuri,Mr.Adi K Irani Godawari Matta,Mudusudan Pund ,Girijanandji Dube,Pankaraj,Amar sing Saigal, God Speech Translated in Marathi By wardha baba lover Shree H R Pandit.

Weekly Gatherings: - Every Friday (7 PM to 9 PM)

Prayers,Meher chalisa,Bhajan’s and Baba’s Book Reading.

Baba’s Birthday : - Every 25th February

Birthday Celebrations start from 24 February 7PM to 12 PM On 25 February 7AM Foot Walking start from Center to Wardha city and again center for spreading his name. After that Bajan’s,prayer’s and Discourses of baba. After that Food and Prasad Distributions done.

Silences Day Celebrations: - Every 10th July