“Meher Sevabhavi Sanstha” is a Non-Profit charitable [501(c)(3)] Youth Organization for spiritual and Social Work dedicated with love to serve Beloved Avatar Meher Baba and His principles of active love and service to both the Meher Baba community and all humanity. It is intended for the enhancement and strengthening of the spiritual life, without supplanting professed religious convictions or beliefs.

The specific purpose of Our NGO is expressed in the following mission statement: “To serve one who serves all is to serve universe"

We are youth lovers of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba from Wardha, district place in Maharastra (India). Wardha is located in the center of India, 750 km from Meherabad. Mahatma Gandhi was staying in wardha for 6 year. There are huge Baba lovers in wardha and all over district. There is huge baba center in Wardha city and 5-baba center at Taluka places and many more Baba centers in villages.

"Youths are always willing to act and take risks. Let them freely yield to this fearless and imperative urge of life within them. But while releasing action, let them take every care that it is creative and not merely destructive. Let their watchwords always be Love and Service"

Our motto is to offered spiritual and social services at the lotus feet of Beloved Meher Baba.

1. Spiritual programs:

    Meher baba's Birthday and Silence day Celebration
   Arrange spiritual gathering of Meher Baba (spiritual discourses, bhajans and Sahavas programs).
  Arrange padyatra (foot walking) For Spreading His name, Work and Spirituality.
  Our Organization started baba's book Library (Meher dyandip wachanalaya), All types of Meher baba’s books are available for reading at free of cost.
  Distribution of Meher baba's book’s and photos at free of cost. For Spreading His name, Work and Spirituality.
  Photos, lockets are available for selling at cheap Rates.
  Our Organization Print and publish Meher Baba’s Photo, Literature, Books, Bhajans and songs CD&DVD underMeher Seva Publications .
  Arrange Meher Baba’s Spirituals Programs for Spreading His name, Work and Spirituality in various Places Like villages, Leprosy hospital, Jail’s, School’s.

2. Social programs:

    We arrange blood donation camp two times in a year.
   We donate blood for needy and poor peoples in free of cost.
  We do Plantation near Public Utility Area. Like Meher Baba Centers, Bus Stop, Railway Stations, Hospital’s, Jail’s.
  We arrange Nomination Camp for Eye and Body donation after death.
  We arrange Free Medical Checkup camp with free medicine.
  We help old age homes and give them Cloth’s, Grain’s, and Medicine.
  We help hearing impaired and blind schools gives them food, clothes and educational and sports materials.
  Free Distributions of educational material and sports materials to poor and needy students.
  We help needy people suffering from natural calamities.
  We awarded Poor Merit Students.